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Our Top Five Home Features

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The EmpireCo. team has built hundreds of homes over the years and we know what homebuyers love about our home designs, floor plans and layouts. Here are the top five features offered in every Empire Home project that are consistent customer favorites.

5. Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan concept has been a top trend for quite some time but it hasn't lost its luster. There are a number of reasons why an open concept continues to be a desirable feature for homeowners. Whether it's kids or fur babies, families love to be able to have clear sight-lines within a main living space to keep an eye on what is going on. Dinner can be in progress and you'll still have the ability to see into the living or dining room.

Another reason we love our open floor plans is they offer the ideal set up for hosting guests. When you have seating available at your kitchen island, dining room table and living room areas, there's no limit to who can be included in conversation when inviting over your friends and family.

We believe less is more when it comes to separating walls in the main living space.

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4. Timeless Cabinetry

EmpireCo. works with talented and trusted trade partners to bring every detail of a home to life. The cabinetry in your kitchen and bathrooms is not only an investment that you want to get right but also a major focal point that you and your guests are sure to notice every day.

Our cabinetry designs are built to stand the test of time without compromising practical, optimum storage space.

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3. Natural Light

Large windows are a must when it comes to building a new home. All of our floor plans prioritize window place and size. We hear from our homeowners all the time about how much they love the amount of natural light that fills their homes because of this feature.

Our team is also thoughtful about paint colors that will make your home look bigger and brighter regardless of the time of day. Even if you're not interested in making design decisions on your house, we're here to help make design selections that will make your home one you're proud of for years to come.

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2. Maximum Storage

Closet space shouldn't be an optional feature in your new home. Our single family, twin and townhomes are built with your storage needs in mind.

Regardless of if it's a bathroom, the kitchen or your bedroom, our home layouts offer closets and storages areas throughout. No space goes to waste in an Empire Homes build.

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1. It's All In The Details

Yes our home floor plans are amazing. But a feature not to be overlooked about an Empire home is our design details. Our selections to complete the inside of your home truly make a house a home.

Our team stays on top of design trends and offers homeowner favorites that are timeless but modern. From our kitchen and bathroom faucets to our carpet and flooring options, your home will be inviting and fun to style once you've moved in.

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